Church Rules & Guidelines

Corner Fringe Family,

Following are the child guidelines that we have implemented for the children at Corner Fringe Ministries. Please read through these
again and talk to your children about them. Because we have such a limited space at church, it’s really important to be watching your
children carefully. When we are transitioning from church service to oneg, it can be very chaotic for visitors especially. Please be sure
to keep your children with you during this time, as we can’t have them running around as the men are setting up tables and chairs
quickly. We have also had children running into visitors as we’re trying to bring them up to the front of the line. Please don’t allow the
children to crowd the front of the oneg line, as the visitors need to get up there first. We need all of you to cooperate in this. Another
note, is that after oneg childcare is done at 2 pm, please bring something to occupy your children, such as appropriate toys or games.
We do not want the children just running wild by the stage with no supervision. We must have parents watching their children during
this time. We want everyone’s experience at church to be pleasant.
Another request is that during the sermon, please limit getting up to use the restrooms or get coffee, as this is a distraction to others
and to the one speaking. Please try to take care of these needs before or after the sermon.
Thank you!
At Corner Fringe Ministries, we desire to make everyone’s experience here as peaceful and safe as possible. For this reason,
we’ve come up with the following guidelines for the children. Please discuss the following rules with your children:
Safety Rules for CF Children
No Running
No Fighting (including gun, sword or weapon play)
Clean up after self (children 4-10 by self; children 0-3 with assistance)
No Children in Kitchen
No Children downstairs unless supervised by adult
Children 6 and under must have a parent present when going through Oneg line
No Children on stage, no playing with/touching instruments
No Rude Behavior (name calling, taunting, etc.)
No Hanging on basketball hoop
No Children outside unsupervised

*Parents must be supervising children when not in class/oneg childcare!
Guidelines for Child Inappropriate Behavior(when seen by others)

1st Action = Warning 
2nd Action = Warning

3rd Action = Taken to parent

 Thank you for your cooperation!



“THE REFUGE” – Teen Ministry

Teen/Parent Behavior Contract
These are the rules set forth by The Refuge Youth Group Ministry:
Respect others. Adults in this church, your leaders, and peers!
Respect the Sabbath
Respect Property. Of the church, host homes and youth activities off site.
Absolutely NO swearing!
No physical or verbal abuse to anyone! That means under NO circumstances will there be any bullying, hitting, gossiping, or
making fun of each other.
No unsupervised boy/girl alone time.
Respect boundaries. No physical contact between boys and girls AT ALL! This includes no tickling, extended hugging, or
There will be NO tobacco, alcohol, or drugs brought on to church property or youth events.
Modest clothing is required. This includes no spaghetti straps, no shorts or skirts above finger level, no low cut shirts, no baggy
pants. If worn, you will be asked to cover up.
There will be consequences to not abiding these rules. There will be 3 warnings given. First and second warnings given by the youth
leaders. Third warning by the Pastor/Assistant Pastor. After the third warning, you will be asked to call your parents, who will need to
pick you up to go home. It will be decided by the leaders, when you’ll be allowed back to youth group.

Corner Fringe Clothing Guidelines:

To make things pleasant for everyone attending Corner Fringe Ministries, we’ve decided to implement some guidelines for the way to
dress appropriately and modestly. These guidelines will help us to not be a stumbling block for our fellow sisters and brothers in
Yeshua. We want our time at church to be a holy convocation to the Lord!
Ladies/teen girls:
I Tim 2:9-10
“Likewise, I want women to adorn themselves with proper clothing modestly and discreetly, not with braided hair and gold or pearls or
costly garments, but rather by means of good works, as is proper for women making a claim to godliness.”
*No low cut tops showing cleavage or mid-drift tops.
*Skirts/dresses/shorts should be only 1 inch above knee, preferably knee length.
*Leggings must have at least a finger-tip length skirt over them. They should not be worn alone.
*No spaghetti straps showing, please wear something over them. (Good rule of thumb, 3 finger-tip width on straps)
*No Strapless tops. (Wear something over)
*No shirts with inappropriate pictures or writing.
Men/teen boys:
*No shirts with inappropriate pictures/writing on them.
*No big baggy jeans. (We don’t want to see boxers!)
Church Rules and Guidelines | Corner Fringe Ministries
*No tank tops/muscle shirts.
*Finger-tip shorts.
If there any questions or comments please fell free to contact us at
Bless you and Thank you.