Q: Why do you meet on Saturdays instead of Sundays?

A: We believe that the Sabbath is still the seventh day of the week (Exodus 20:8-11) and it was not changed in the Bible.  We continue to keep the Sabbath the day and the way God ordained it.
Please reference the “The Sabbath and the Mark of God” Series available here!


We believe, along with the Sabbath, God ordained special holy feast days and festivals as holy convocations. (Leviticus 23)  They were not done away with in the Bible and are still meant to be observed today.
Please reference the “Holy Days and Festivals” playlist available here!


Q: Why do you follow the Old Testament dietary laws?

A: We believe that all the commandments, including those concerning what animals are clean and unclean to eat (Leviticus 11), are still to be followed today.  New Testament passages that are commonly used to say that the food laws are no longer in effect are misinterpreted and taken out of context.
Please reference the “Sexual Immorality and Food Laws” video available here!


Q: If we are saved by faith through grace, and not of works, why do we need to follow these Old Testament laws?

A: Though our works do not save us, being a follower of Yeshua/Jesus means obeying Him and His commandments.  (John 14:15).  It is a common misconception that we are no longer supposed to follow the law, however this was never Jesus’ intent. (Matthew 5:17-19)
Please reference the “God’s Mercy and the Devil’s Grace” Series available here!


Q: Do you follow ALL the Old Testament laws?

A: Yes, we follow the spirit, not the letter, of every law (Romans 2:29, Romans 7:6, 2 Corinthians 3:6)
Please reference “Galatians Part 16: Letter vs. Spirit of Torah” available here!