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Therefore receive one another.

Romans 15:7

We're So Glad You're Here!

We are excited to have you visit!  Whether you are a new believer or have been walking with Jesus for years, we want to welcome you to Corner Fringe Ministries.  We want your experience here to be as pleasant as possible.

We meet on Saturdays at 10:45 AM CT

789 Northdale Blvd NW, Coon Rapids, MN  55448
(Live stream begins at 11:00 AM CT.  The link is found on our home page)

What to Expect

A hospitality team member will greet you when you arrive. They'll answer your questions and show around the building to help you settle in.

The shofar sounds at the beginning of the Shabbat service.

An insightful commentary on the weekly Torah portion will be presented.

Our CFWorship Team leads us into the presence of our King.

You'll hear and sing Hebrew words. "Shabbat Shalom" is a general term meaning "Sabbath of Peace." Other terms like "Kadosh" (Holy), or "Gadol Elohai" (the great God) may be sung during worship.

Our dance team praises God through Davidic dance.

A sound, biblical message will be heard each week.

Prayer is an important part of our service as we seek God, individually and corporately.

Witness the treasure of praying over and blessing our beautiful children.

Join us for Oneg, a Hebrew word referring to delighting in the LORD’s holy day and the joy found in it. We delight in fellowship while enjoying a meal. (Everyone brings a picnic-style lunch. Snacks are available for our first-time visitors.)

Stay for one of the many classes we offer each Shabbat.

Additional Things You May Want to Know

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We Believe 

Read our Statement of Faith and learn about our mission and what we believe.

We Practice

Read through the guidelines our leadership has put in place.

We Don't Believe

Be aware of the false teachings Corner Fringe takes a firm stance against.

Get Involved

We offer many opportunities throughout the week for Bible study and prayer.  

Torah Portions

Read through the Torah (first five books of the Bible) each year.

Holy Feast Days & Special Events

We observe the holy feast days and publish service times on our Event Calendar along with other special events.

Weekly Shabbat

Check out more information about our weekly Shabbat including our order of service and weekly classes. 

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Whether new to the faith, or new to Corner Fringe, you may have some questions.

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