Stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong.

1 Corinthians 16:13

Men of Honor

As the strength of the home and the first line of defense in the family, men today should take their cues from biblical examples such as Abraham, King David, Moses, and Paul, just to name a few.  These were men of honor, hard-working, trustworthy and loyal, sacrificial in their service, and skillful in battle.  They focused on obedience to God’s Word; thus, accomplishing many amazing feats.

Building Christ-Like Character

The men of Corner Fringe are challenged to become mighty men for their families, community, and nation.  They are committed to building Christ-like character through:
~ Studying scripture ~
~ Obeying God’s commandments ~
~ Fellowship ~
~ Praying for and encouraging each other ~
~ Discipling others ~
~ Serving as the hands and feet of Yeshua ~

Men's Serve

During the warmer months, men can easily get overwhelmed with projects around the house and miss out on quality time with family and friends.  To help work around this, our men participate in Men's Serve.

Mark Your Calendar!

We offer various activities throughout the year.
We encourage you to get involved and get connected!